Krav Maga Explodes in London went to a large Krav Maga Center in London to talk to students including a a 37-year-old scientific researcher, 30-year-old investment manager, 38-year-old real estate banker to try to understand why so many in London are flocking to lean Krav Maga.

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that good feeling after Krav Maga

One of my girlfriends is really into Krav Maga, and she took me as a guest to a class.  Oh my goodness, it was a blast!  So much energy, so much fun, so much punching and kicking!  It’s now a full day later and I’m feeling the burn all over the place.  Random back muscles that I hardly knew existed are aching.  Don’t mistake this for a bad thing though, I love feeling sore because it means I busted out of my workout comfort zone.

Elise, The Hippie, Krav Magic