CNN features Krav Maga

We always like Krav Maga being covered by media – we need more people to understand it, so more can defend themselves and go home safe.

CNN did a good job telling the origin story and explaining the core elements in a way that can appeal to people who have never heard of it before.

that good feeling after Krav Maga

One of my girlfriends is really into Krav Maga, and she took me as a guest to a class.  Oh my goodness, it was a blast!  So much energy, so much fun, so much punching and kicking!  It’s now a full day later and I’m feeling the burn all over the place.  Random back muscles that I hardly knew existed are aching.  Don’t mistake this for a bad thing though, I love feeling sore because it means I busted out of my workout comfort zone.

Elise, The Hippie, Krav Magic

BBC does feature on KM – great videos

The BBC released an article that does a great job explaining much of the core of Krav Maga, along with history and why many people are students.

There are two excellent videos, great for sharing with anyone who has not been trained in Krav Maga before.

One video includes some history and general mindset.
The second video is shorter & is a testimonial from a 15 year old, who tells his story that lead him to train and how training in Krav Maga has effected him, his confidence, and his self-esteem.

Thanks to Kristin Wilson Keppler, author of this piece, for doing such a great job presenting Krav Maga.

Heavy Bag at Krav Maga Sherman Oaks

Ever wonder what a Krav Maga Worldwide Exercise, or Fitness, class would be like?

This video outlines the general routine in those classes.

Recorded at the Krav Maga Sherman Oaks Center [map].